Finnish Shoulder Impingement Arthroscopy Controlled Trial

FIMPACT trial is an ongoing multicenter, three group randomised controlled study with an objective to assess the effectiveness of most commonly performed surgical intervention – arthroscopic subacromial decompression (ASD) – for shoulder pain.

Conventional wisdom dictates that subacromial pain syndrome, and particularly its’ sub-type ‘shoulder impingement syndrome’ (SIS) is due to ‘impingement’ of the rotator cuff tendons on the overlying acromion while passing through the subacromial space. The rationale of the ASD procedure rests on the tenet that symptom relief can be achieved through removal of a bony acromial spur and the resulting decompression of the tendon passage. However, evidence on the efficacy of this procedure is limited.

The primary objective of this superiority trial is to compare the efficacy ofrthroscopic subacromial decompression (ASD) surgery versus diagnostic arthroscopy (DA) in patients with SIS. As a non-surgical treatment option, a third group of supervised progressive exercise therapy (ET) is also included for allowing pragmatic assessment of the relative benefits of surgical vs. non-operative treatment strategies.

FIMPACT study group (link)

Steering group:
Mika Paavola, Helsinki
Teppo Järvinen, Helsinki
Antti Malmivaara, Helsinki
Simo Taimela, Helsinki

Ville Haapamäki, Helsinki
Kalevi Hietaniemi, Espoo
Jari Inkinen, Tampere
Timo Järvelä, Tampere
Juha Kalske, Espoo
Kari Kanto, Tampere
Janne Lehtinen, Tampere
Vesa Lepola, Espoo
Jarkko Pajarinen, Helsinki
Mikael Salmela, Tampere
Mikko Salmela, Helsinki
Jyrki Salmenkivi, Espoo
Vesa Savolainen, Helsinki
Ilkka Sinisaari, Helsinki
Harri Sintonen, Helsinki
Sikri Tukiainen, Espoo

Mathias Bäck, Helsinki
Heikki Kolehmainen, Tampere
Esa Läärä, randomization protocol

Eero Hölli, Helsinki and Espoo
Jari Inkinen, Tampere
*Lena Laine, Helsinki and Espoo

Blinded outcome assessors:
Hanna-Mari Laiho, Tampere
Tarja Kunnala, Helsinki
Sami Niskanen, Espoo
*Leena Kangas-Viri, Tampere

Research nurses:
Sari Karesvuori, Espoo
Pirjo Toivonen, Tampere
Leena Caravitis, Helsinki
*Sanna Kivimäki, Tampere
*Soile Lindholm, Helsinki
*Johanna Koivistoinen, Helsinki
*Sanna Hokkanen, Helsinki

* Not active